Ovens Directory, 1857

Life on Spring Creek has produced a complete facsimile copy of the Ovens Directory for the Year 1857, photographed from the original. The original was made available to me courtesy of the Beechworth Icecreamery!

The directory lists the owners and businesses in Beechworth (Ford Street, High Street, Camp Street, Church Street, Short Street, Finch Street, Last Street and ‘Beyond the Bridge’), Pennyweight Flat, One Mile, Two Mile, Nine Mile, Reid’s Creek, Woolshed, Devil’s Elbow, Sebastopol Flat, Napoleon, El Dorado, Yackandandah Creek and Township, Allan’s Flat, Osborne’s Flat, Rowdy Flat, Crossing Place, Kirby’s Flat and Buckland. It also names local officials, police throughout the region, ministers of religion, and the members of the board of the Ovens Hospital. In addition, it contains a lengthy essay — ‘A Sketch of the Ovens Gold Fields from their opening to the present time’ — as well as numerous advertisements.

If you are a researcher with a serious interest in Beechworth’s history, and would like a copy of the Ovens Directory in the form of a digital PDF file of 24 megabytes for your own private research, please email me at jacqui@jacquidurrant.com, and you will receive a link to download the file, which will be available for 14 days.