This is a page of any up-coming public events at which I have been asked to speak.

International Women’s Day at the Stanley Athenaeum 

Monster Petition 1891

The Monster Petition for women’s suffrage presented to the Victorian Parliament in 1891, contains the signatures of women from Stanley — now held in the Public Records Office of Victoria. (Image from The Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka).

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, the Stanley Athenaeum is launching a new exhibition, titled ‘Stanley Women of the 19th Century: Hearts of Gold and Minds of Mettle — Mary Rawes to Mariette Craig.’

As I’ve had a long-standing interest in plugging the historical gaps, by paying attention to groups of people and themes that mainstream history has chosen to ignore, the Friends of Stanley Athenaeum have asked me to speak on the topic of ‘finding the spaces in between’. Make a donation, for which you also get afternoon tea!

Historically, the women of Stanley ran local businesses, worked in the health professions, held mining claims, and were involved in political reform. However, learning about their lives is incredibly difficult because their efforts were barely noted in public records. For this reason, the historical women of Stanley would be totally invisible to us today, if it weren’t for the hard-won research that has been conducted in recent years by the women of the Stanley Athenaeum. This exhibition is truly a case of women upholding women.

2.30pm, 10th March 2018, at the Stanley Athenaeum.